3DS Emulator

3DS Emulator

Nintend 3DS Emulator Roms Download 3DS Emulator and play Nintendo 3DS game roms using your PC or Android device. It is updated and 100% working. Get the latest version of amazing this emulator tool and experience bug free gaming. It simply means that 3d animations and effects will much faster and fluid, save and load problems are also fixed, and lastly you also do not have to worry about where to get bios updates because the latest version has now integrated it as its component. Aside from those mentioned above, Nintendo 3DS Emulator and its supported game roms can now be yours for free. Pokemon-3DS-Emulator-Roms We all have been kids before, and it has been really a fascinating experience looking back during those times playing with Nintendo Gameboy games. As technology advanced, so is our gaming experience. Now with Nintendo 3DS, games have been richer and more engaging, unfortunately, not all of us can afford one. But you still have a chance of playing your favorite Nintendo 3Ds games like Pokemon X and Y, with the latest 3DS emulator that you can get for free here. Not to mention, you can also get free 3DS game roms here. Check and follow the instructions for 3DS emulator below. Instructions: 1. Download the emulator and the game roms 2. Extract the downloaded files with either Winrar, Winzip, or 7zip 3. Locate the 3Ds Emulator.exe and run as administrator (for PC) 4. Copy and install .apk files (for rooted Android device) 5. Load the game rom you want (No need to download or update the BIOS) 6. Configure settings and enjoy playing 3DS games!

Get a copy of the latest Nintendo 3DS Emulator with its updated BIOS and start playing 3DS games for free.


337 Responsesto “3DS Emulator”

  1. Laurie says:

    Merci! XD

  2. Steve X. says:

    Bonjour, merci pour le partage de 3ds émulateur.

  3. DannyB says:

    ThankYOU it works on my Samsung s3…Really nice….

  4. Brown77 says:

    I am just happy after a period of waiting for this to come out, at least its legit now!

  5. Marquezzz says:

    Seriously!? ITS FREE? thanks a lot, I really love to play 3DS games

  6. Andrea says:

    Merci gamescrack admin!

  7. Yosh says:

    AT least this is not something that asks for the ridiculous BIOS….TY

  8. Brian says:

    the emulator that
    makes me smile everytime
    I get home….

  9. Julio says:

    ¡Muchas gracias! Me encantan los juegos de 3DS!

  10. Jacobsen says:

    Finally, a working one. Can you upload 3DS roms too. please?

  11. Repuz says:

    O…M…G…. Does this work on windows 8 x64?

  12. Bladesoul says:

    NIce and safe app. Really useful for gamers.

  13. Luffie Yurk says:

    can I also play DS roms on this 3DS emulator?

  14. vincent+ says:

    3ds emulator saves my day…
    always entertaining my bored days.

  15. stever parley says:


  16. Compton>>> says:

    COOOLEST site ever!!!! 3DS FTW

  17. KEVin says:


  18. OBREILLE says:


  19. Mark67 says:

    I love you man! and I love this emulator

  20. Teddy Porter says:

    So far n bugs or problems.. hats off!!!!

  21. jharon shipard says:

    finally a 3ds emulator!

  22. AIken says:

    Wow! It works now after installing the latest drivers…

  23. valkerie says:

    I never thought 3ds games could be this fun

  24. Martelle Jacobsen says:

    awesome a 3ds emulator, does this work on Mac too?

  25. Master Brock says:

    trying ookemon roms with this 3ds emulator now :)

  26. antoine jib5 says:

    hell yeahhhhhh…..thanks for uploading this emulator

  27. @lucas_ says:

    had so much fun, please upload also 3ds roms…

  28. vinshow says:

    I want to keep it short and just say my thanks>>

  29. Brandon@ says:

    CAn I Use multiple of these at the same time just like gba emulators?

  30. Matte says:

    I want play more 3ds games, where can I download also roms?

  31. JIKK says:

    Im literally jumping for joy after I was able to play a mario 3ds game on this 3ds emulator.XD

  32. chris birdman says:

    Kudos! I highly recommend this one… Hope you can fix few bugs though

  33. cardelle says:

    Skeptical at first but soon enough after trying it, it does really work

  34. morrison jack says:

    Its really a great software,is this working on iphones too?

  35. Trudis says:

    can’t wait to play pOKEMON X and Y on this….

  36. nursie says:

    Admin, youdaman!

  37. toby houston says:

    reliving my pokemon gaming days with 3ds emulator…

  38. jerold says:

    What is an emulator? Please explain

  39. Rome! says:

    hey can you make alsoa DS emulator.. thanks

  40. Gilchrist says:

    OHh 3ds, youre my new fave now, aside from my upcoming Xbox one..haha

  41. Stevy Mackie says:

    its been 3 weeks since I last played 3ds emulator after i broke my pc i had to buy a new one and i have to redownload all my files including this right here..

  42. Jessa says:

    my two little brothers enjoying this on their laptops, maybe I should try it too.

  43. Constatine Turk says:

    Will this work on mac?

  44. DI201 says:

    works for me…

  45. Kim says:

    SEriously? 3DS emulator, Now I can enjoy my 3DS games even more…

  46. MIGUEL says:

    Help me please, my gameplay on some games are way too slow.. is this issue with the drivers?

  47. ►Manny♫ says:

    There is a little bug I guess, but nevertheless a great 3Ds emulator…

  48. varsity23 says:

    downloaded a couple of 3ds roms for this emulatorXD

  49. brandon glitz says:

    Running 2 emulators at the same… Trading pokemons…haha

  50. SuReaa says:

    tested on my tablet and so far no problem…. this is really good coz i can now play on the go…

  51. Wenzur says:

    Running 3ds games on win 8.1 baby smoothly!

  52. Pippen Chad says:

    Now I know, I have to install the latest net framework, lol, took me ages to get this thing workin..

  53. heinrich says:

    Thanks so much!

  54. Fritts Javinez says:

    X and Y looks great on this 3ds emulator

  55. KIRK says:

    Thanks, for this emulator gamescrack!

  56. jay addison says:

    Use your brain guys, I know you have it, and surely you will be playing 3ds games in no time with this 3ds emulator.

  57. Manolito Quizon says:

    works on xp…yahooo…..but i guess its a bit laggy but who cares, I still can play it

  58. Farrah Sia says:

    confirmed working on my samsung 10.1 tab

  59. JacKK says:

    How the hell did I not know this before —- feeling annoyed and happy..hahaha

  60. JYD says:


  61. Jonas Kemp says:

    Quite impressive, could use a little tweak on the interface though.

  62. Skip Weeks says:

    2 emulators at the same time, different controls.. Speechless

  63. Gregoire says:

    One week of use, no problem but I have one suggestion can you make a shortcut so I cna load a rom easily.



  65. Mr.T says:

    Does this support all roms? tried with Pokemon X it works but I tried Y its error

  66. AGent47 says:

    laughing hard at my brother not knowing how to use this. haha

  67. FranklinPH says:

    ITS great wooooh!!!! Maraming salamat fromm PH!!!

  68. Yancy says:

    download 3ds emulator and pokemon x at the same time ————-

  69. Harry says:

    OPenGL problem admin, please help

  70. Ernest Renan says:

    Tusen takk admin

  71. Slater says:

    Sir, where can I load the rom? sorry Im newbie

  72. XoXo says:

    TBh, I am happy with this being shared over the web

  73. Dun says:

    i am going to try now i rly hope it works to me

  74. Xcript says:

    Much love for the maker of this
    You deserve support from us

  75. nelly diddy says:

    its says my directx is incompatible, what should I do? using Xp here.



  77. mikebarton says:

    now wheres the POkemon ROM X and Y!

  78. Gian Lim says:


  79. Navv says:

    Idoiots don not know how to use 3ds emulator ! -.-*

  80. Patricia W. says:

    great work!!!! love this pokemon game on 3ds

  81. Enrique says:

    thumbs up.!!!!! you know what I mean…

  82. Molina says:

    Hey its realy works

  83. MYLES says:

    CAn i play full screen on 1080p?

  84. rodel says:


  85. hermit says:

    hasn’s sunk it. 3DS is still the best nintendo console ever. and portable too but 3ds emulator is better. its free

  86. Daniel Parrish says:

    latest means the best….

  87. bobbby says:

    3ds plus pokemon rom>?

  88. Orville Arsenault says:

    Merci pour l’émulateur … Qui est mieux Pokemon X ou Y?

  89. Biggies says:

    Shit, I should have told my brother not buy the 3ds and the pokemon game, tsk2x

  90. --Morneau-- says:


  91. Jeff Miche' says:

    you guys are more than awesome, you did a great job with this 3ds emulator but I have a suggestion, if you can at least make the UI more intuitive and friendly for little kids. thats all

  92. Langley_Salois says:

    Bonjour!!!!Merci pour le partage 3ds émulateur

  93. HULK says:

    Il fonctionne!

  94. BRiddel says:

    playing pokemonn!!!!

  95. mr.jailbroken says:

    worked on my ios6 before but then when I upgraded I had trouble with ios7 however, my friend told me that setting it to the lowest can help run the 3ds emulator stable, now its fine

  96. Provencher0 says:

    S’il vous plaît aidez-moi à trouver TM94

  97. Jason Brighton says:

    Thanks a lot from your loyal fan in UK. JB

  98. kill2 says:

    ¡Muchas gracias admin

  99. Nacho says:

    Stuff like this needs funding and support, tell me where can i donate?

  100. XMEN says:

    hey, does this work on mac?

  101. jinx says:

    Hey you admin, can you help me with the best settings I can use playing Pokemon X and Y rom on this 3ds emulator? I find it laggy at battle scenes.

    • Games Crack Admin says:

      The default settings are the best settings depending on your hardware. I suggest you to update your videocard driver.

  102. Rick Row says:

    Can’t be more happy than this, thanks for a LEGIT stuff shared on your site.

  103. PKX says:

    Find it hard to believe that 3ds emulator is working on my old PC.

  104. LICKITUNG says:

    Took me a while like 30 minutes to finish the download but then again its more than worth it since I can now play pokemon X. I havent tried pokemon Y though but I know I can download it here: gamescrack.org/pokemon-x-and-y-rom/ !!! hahaha

  105. Renée says:

    Fonctionne sur Mac!

  106. Gaetan says:

    Aide svp! Où télécharger winrar?

  107. PHre4k says:

    Playing like a boss!!! POKEMON is great game

  108. Kenyon says:

    Anyone here having trouble running the emulator on Windows vista?

  109. brown1 says:

    where to download winrar?

  110. Daneuse says:

    Weird problem on my android, running this emulator? using 4.1.2, but 4.2.2 works without problem

  111. Dizon says:

    Obrigado, isso é perfeito para o meu irmãozinho.

  112. Arthur Daviau says:

    Net framework error, how to fix this?

  113. Tracy76 says:

    Le jeu est amusant que jamais avec Pokemon X et Y sur 3DS emulator.

  114. Philippe says:

    Thank you man! I have been looking for the emulator for a while and this is the first site i could find it for free!! ty again man!

  115. Granville says:

    Genius is the one that was able to crack 3ds and made this

  116. Paxson says:

    its here all along

  117. Carolos says:

    bonjour chacun, profiter de jouer!

  118. ONi says:

    Thank you but it sometimes crashes

  119. MERCH says:

    Puis-je vendre cet émulateur 3DS?

  120. Ely says:

    I maybe be a noob but I found so easy to run 3ds emulator ;)

  121. jaden says:

    the crash problem solved after updating drivers. XD

  122. Van Deuff says:

    Playing like a BOSS!!!!

  123. Flutian says:

    Yeah, very nice…

  124. manny says:

    I know this is not perfectly legal to use this tool but I do not have choice

  125. timothy says:

    OMG thank you very much

  126. Axl98 says:

    Muito obrigado! :))

  127. marz says:

    I want a zelda rom for this emulator admin, please

  128. Mich67 says:

    very happy thank it works! thanks for the game :DDDD

  129. LG Brancos says:

    omg pokemon x is sooo coool thanks for this 3DS emulator :D

  130. Gx3.Thompson says:

    WORKING? WORKING WORKING!!!! Its really Unbelievable!Thanks buddy

  131. Al Horett says:

    Never doubted Gamescrack for this, TY

  132. BobMarley says:

    Im from jamaica and I want to thank you!

  133. Tamia says:

    it works with pokemon x and y! thank you :D the starter pokemon are soooo cool :D pokemon x ftw!

  134. SEAN says:

    Wow…Awesome Stuff…… I got this 3DS Emulator for free…. It works like a charm..

  135. Roy Delgado says:

    I am in love with this 3ds emuator and the pokemon x and y rom..Thank you for the making it free.

  136. Turner/** says:

    it actually worked thanks I really wanted to play this :) i scanned it with avast virus scanner just to be sure and it was virus free thank you for the free 3ds EmUlator!

  137. Gabson says:

    thanks so much it actually works :) finally a legit 3ds emulator :D pokemon y is soooo coool :D

  138. kinllee says:

    you’re the best!!!!

  139. Robert3 says:

    omg thanks so much it actually works! GAMESCRACK X FTW! :D

  140. Arenas says:


  141. Borgie says:

    LOL, i forgot to run as administrator, thats why it did not run for me at first use.

  142. Dackis says:

    I have the 1.9 version, can I update?

  143. Nigel Rock says:


    3DS emulator + POkemon X/y + Zelda = ??/?

  144. USE YOUR BRAINS says:

    Fck the IDIOTS, don’t know how to use this…lol

  145. DavidSo says:

    I honestly downloaded a lot of 3DS emulator, this is the only one that works with POKEMON X and Y rom!

  146. Shen Tabiue says:

    Jouant 3DS émulateur est vraiment amusant avec POKEMON.

  147. Charlotte says:

    Now its working after my brother helped me, good thing he is a geek.haha

  148. S.Hrlow says:

    Works grEAT!!!

  149. SonGoku says:

    Merci beaucoup. Ca marche!

  150. nick says:

    Thanks for this!!!!

  151. r2d2 says:

    ROAR!!!! XD

  152. Mikey says:


  153. Lainel says:


  154. Carl Kayman says:

    best of the best 3ds emulator so far

  155. Mitchelle says:

    I would buy no more 3DS games, I will download 3DS emulator and roms. Thats it

  156. Denver says:

    Can;t wait to give this a try

  157. angel says:

    Ma soeur amour pokemon sur 3DS

  158. Raspe says:

    Please tell us if there are updates

  159. Bill Gizz says:

    downloaded it for my son who loves to see pokemon of all sorts

  160. Butler90 says:

    I don’t have rom for Zelda yet

  161. taylor says:

    good job gamescrack

  162. UnderTAKER says:

    merci pour cette emulator ~ from france

  163. JZZ says:

    How do I download the game rom to my 3ds emulator on my android?

  164. Nicolas says:

    Danke gamescrack!

  165. zandro says:

    help me with the settings?

  166. dranouse says:

    Can;t play on Full screen why?

  167. jamixon says:

    fonctionne bien avec Pokemon Y rom!

  168. Zella says:

    Dream come true for me, TY

  169. Diane Zeller says:

    Le meilleur émulateur 3DS!

  170. carmouche says:

    fonctionne sur Mac?

  171. Pascal says:


  172. Willard996 says:


  173. Green says:

    Le meilleur émulateur pour 3DS! Merci gamescrack

  174. jUDICI says:

    Anyone want to test out my pokemon??

  175. Kiddo says:

    Where to download the roms for this emulator?

  176. delphine says:

    totally grateful for this. ILY

  177. Yann says:

    What version of android does this work? jelly bean?

  178. Grégory says:

    I would love to try this, looks awesome.

  179. KIN says:

    ADmIN, you did great on this ONE

  180. jona says:

    La ringrazio molto per questo emulatore!

  181. Spartacus says:

    Muito obrigado administrador!

  182. Kyrelle says:

    thanks, I can now play pokemon x

  183. Aillen03 says:


  184. Leeroy says:

    MERCI ;D

  185. carmel says:

    LOVE and Kissess for whoever made this emulator,,

  186. Jussi says:

    Incroyable! Merci!

  187. pau2x says:

    Must thank you… Emulator works perfect with HTC ONE! Thanks!

  188. reuben says:

    2.4 Beta version is awesome.

  189. NOO says:

    Anyone care to sshare where to get Zelda rom for 3DS emulator?

  190. Yale says:

    best settings please?

  191. Roylan says:

    @_@ playing fullscreen….

  192. Rommille says:

    What is a 3DS emulator?

  193. SkillDATKills says:

    GAmesCrack, you are awesome

  194. jimmy13 says:

    A lot of thanks from your no.1 loyal fan from france! — Jimmy13

  195. Prince Caspian says:

    i was looking for the 3ds emulator for a long time… MERCI

  196. L says:

    J’aime ce jeu! Merci

  197. Sprattizlle says:

    Confirmed working on my oldie Windows XP

  198. Gerard88 says:

    Merci pour 3DS emulator et Pokemon X rom XD

  199. JewishPrankster says:

    Playing on my laptop is better tha playing on the actual 3Ds

  200. Michael Broody says:

    what more can I say, 3DS emulator is perfect for the Pokemon X and Y rom!

  201. Katherine says:

    Rom download also? where?

  202. Frank Jay says:

    i need to upgrade my videocard because the gameplay is laggy

  203. JRD says:

    Thank you!!!

  204. plantaric says:

    muito obrigado

  205. @yamin says:

    WORKS! + Thats a FACT

  206. Vladi says:

    Qu’est-ce que les meilleurs réglages?

  207. Craig Chuck says:

    TY both 3ds emulator and pokemon x works on my pc now

  208. Kendrick► says:

    Running smoothly with open GL enabled ^_^

  209. Shiela Ludent says:

    How to make playing faster? Frame skip settings?

  210. Ronaldo7888 says:

    WORKS in Vista, Hope it works on XP too. Thank you very much, Whats with the beta version 2.4?

  211. Annie says:

    OMG!!!!! it work for me! i cant believe it.

  212. torrnt says:

    are you serious? I want to try that!

  213. 4nic says:

    Where can i get roms for 3ds?

  214. Laura says:

    merci beaucoup :)

  215. Yugi says:

    Gaming 2 damxz

  216. Lily says:

    i really want to play pokemon x y please!!!

  217. jose says:

    looking for zElda link between worlds rom for this one.

  218. Cherry says:

    Comment Avoir Pokemon X et Y roms?

  219. Im DA BEZZ says:

    Does it work with iPod??

  220. Bol says:

    am I the only one who is playing pokemon on this?

  221. Prigionee says:

    Hello, Thank you. Waiting for some updates

  222. Paula says:

    ça fonctionne sur Mac ?

  223. Killerbee says:

    Smooth gameplay so far…

  224. Luke says:

    Does this work on iPod 4?

  225. Rafaeil says:


  226. AndreaS says:


  227. Chael says:

    somebody help me please where to download Mario roms?

  228. glen drovich says:

    Worked on ios 7 and android 4.3…Thank you

  229. @don2xky says:

    Thank you…

  230. Josephus says:

    merci pour 3ds emulator

  231. J.Bob says:

    Too much Xbox gaming, now time to try 3ds games

  232. JB90 says:

    Works, but I have a problem admin

  233. Saxon says:

    I am satisfied but this can surely get improvements soon, to support all features like 3d options at 3d monitors.

  234. Ale&& says:

    Im getting 30 fps?

  235. PK23 says:

    Love you GC

  236. matt says:

    WORTH it, after 30 minutes I am playing zelda

  237. yull*3 says:

    J’aime cette XD

  238. Danous says:

    mcb :)))

  239. Oscar Robertson says:

    I guess i have to download this for my pc

  240. JK says:

    man, its nice…

  241. massivegaming says:

    download if you want to enjoy free 3ds games….

  242. Augusto says:

    det virker

  243. tiffy says:

    shoocckssss this is what i need…

  244. CrysPH says:

    can this play games like rune factory 4 and harvest moon a new beginnning?

  245. CrysPH says:

    can someone please send me the password? i cant get the password ’cause of the survey, i am always stuck at the confirmation code.
    no matter how many times i complete it it wont send me the code.

    if anyone can, please send it to this e-mail:


  246. LuabareXD says:

    Commending for you upload and effort for it.

  247. aurel90 says:

    plz add more features

  248. Pio12 says:

    Hello there, saying thanks to the one and only ADMIN…

  249. Pink says:

    How to use this? I have everything downloaded already.

  250. Rzone says:


  251. JerbAndz says:

    works on my IOS 7 flawlessly

  252. Rolio says:

    3ds games PLSS!

  253. andy says:

    yes, this is it!!

  254. PRE says:


  255. Edward says:

    gee…thanks a lot

  256. Yorikis says:

    Games Crack Admin… is the best evah..

  257. Aron Rooks says:

    why the gameplay lags?

  258. Ruddi says:

    upload games please.

  259. FAtslim says:

    i have tested it, works on mac so far

  260. Gandalf says:

    2 weeks of playing 3ds games on this, not a single problem. LOVE every bit of it

  261. Opaahhh Gangnam Style says:

    @_@ thanks

  262. francis says:

    Maraming Salamat!! :) from PH

  263. LuckyGuy says:

    Lol, now its working.. how stupid am i

  264. CrysPH says:

    Hey admin, can you help me pls? i really can’t get the password for this emulator. if you can pls send me the password.

    i would really appreciate the help!

    here is my email:

  265. TEsalona says:

    how do i play this thru wifi?

  266. KOBBEEEEE says:

    MORE 3ds roms please, i love to play it

  267. MeGan says:

    schocks its working after 1 hour of thinkering..

  268. BOY PH says:

    from philippines, thanks

  269. Chiz says:

    Nice app.. Tested it and it works!

  270. Tommy says:

    the search is over i find this one working … thank you

  271. Games Crack Admin says:

    please follow the instruction if you want to get the 3ds emulator

  272. Games Crack Admin says:

    please follow the instruction to get the 3ds emulator

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