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Dragon City is a new and exciting social game that challenges everyone to establish and manage city of Dragons.  The player is task to reproduce cool dragons and fight with buddies in a globe of wonderful islands. You can easily additionally battle against your good friends with you team of dragons! What makes this game different from most of the facebook games is the lack of ‘energy’ points that should be filled up with time enabling the user to play as much as he possibly want. Yet another nice attribute is the gems. While you can easily purchase them, the game makes it much uncomplicated to get more free of cost through a range of techniques such as leveling up, completing particular quests, Dragon Combat consisting of PVP in Fight Word, and in Tournaments.

The object of the game is very simple — to reproduce and raise numerous Dragons to make Gold, with which you can purchase even more food to feed more dragons to obtain more gold! Pretty simple eh? Yet, it is not as easy as you think it is. You may encounter problems due to limitation of your basic commodities for the game. That’s why we made it a point to help Dragon City players. We came up with the latest working Dragon City Hack – Unlimited Gold Tool.

As the name implies, Dragon City Hack — Unlimited Gold Tool is a revolutionary hack tool that will enable users generate virtually infinite amount of gold for Dragon City making the user create practically the greatest Dragon City he can imagined. But that is not all, our Dragon City Hack – Unlimited Gold Tool is feature-packed with all the needed hack one dreams of.

 Dragon City Hack Tool Features:

  • Dragon City Gold Hack
  • Dragon City Food Hack
  • Dragon City Gems Hack
  • Works with Windows & Mac
  • 100% Free of Cost
  • Virus Free and Safe to Use
  • Automobile Facebook Connect (No Need Facebook Password)
  • Supports all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Web Explorer, Safari, Opera)
  • Proxy protected hacking (Undetected)

Using of Dragon City Cheat Engine Hack Tool

  1.  Login with your Facebook account.
  2. Begin the Dragon City Cheat Engine Hack Tool. (No requirement to download Cheat Engine, already integrated with the Hack Tool)
  3.  Edit the values
  4. Click on Activate — to start the hack.
  5. Check out Dragon City Facebook game application, you may have to refresh your browser.

If you wish to download and use Dragon City Hack – Unlimited Gold Tool, click the download button below.



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  1. Lasse Radomski says:

    I try to run the cheat but its not working but when I use my windows 7 its works

  2. SerialKiller says:

    Highly appreciated the author of this site, for sharing this application.

  3. Clarize says:

    Definitely a must for those gamers out there… ^_^

  4. daikicombo says:

    Not Work!! I opened it and it was this.
    Error signature
    AppName:dragon city hack.exe Appver:
    ModName: dragon city hack.exe ModVer:
    Offset: 0025aa2c
    (The walking dead social game hack too)

  5. deathScyth777 says:

    I am addicted to this hack. This works fabulously!

  6. Ibrahim Costan says:

    thanks for making it possible to make even 30 millions of gold using your cheat tool, am sure my classmate will envy yehay

  7. Danny Kobra says:

    I’m sharing this website with my friends. thanks for cheat it works

  8. Moy says:

    is this working ???

  9. Jon Thor Bjarnason says:

    shit man this tool really works after searching for an hour . I finally found the first cheat tool that works so far.

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  15. Bonnie says:

    very good !I respect you for this.

  16. Alfred says:

    i cant thank u enough for this! hope it keeps working

  17. Fernandez says:

    Thanks a ton man i really need something like this for my game to be ahead of my friends hehehe, it works!

  18. Kristine . Galante says:

    this is really amazing…

  19. Dorothy says:

    am so lucky I found this one .. thanks

  20. vicelle says:

    awesome,,, i search for this for quite some time and I only landed on this site..grateful …

  21. Robertson says:

    Thank you so much!

  22. SmilingDeadly says:

    One word! Thanks!

  23. StephenJ says:

    I can surely dominate Dragon City now… hahahhahahahah

  24. Rocky says:

    Gold is raining on my account. ty guys

  25. Mike Woodson says:

    Cheaters always win but never learns, who cares! thanks for this..haha

  26. Bayeee says:

    much thanks, its working on me now

  27. GREATGAB says:

    I have to thank you guys for giving this working hack. I saw a lot of site but all of those are not working for me.

  28. Bob Scheck says:

    Nice hack! Never thought this type of game will be hack…lol

  29. killermax says:

    its working on gold, can you guys make other cheats other than gold? thanks in advance

  30. ArhurX says:

    Can get enough of this cheat. I am glad it is not yet patched

  31. Leeman says:

    I finally found a working one. No BS, but pretty legit

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    Man, thanks for this one. I will be expecting more hacks from this site.

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    Cheating mode on! lol GREAT Hack btw guys

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    I will be the one to have the last laugh in this game with this hack…XD

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  39. Flipker says:

    Just when i lose hope for this game, then i found your site..ty

  40. Makie says:

    I hate the fact that this hack is working. I don’t want to ruin the game because of this hack – –

  41. Jenry g. says:

    Les gars un grand effort. Beaucoup d’amour de la France!

  42. Nelson Faredit says:

    This hack is perfectly working but sometimes it goes offline, i have to restart the tool and run it again. Anyways, hope they will update this soon.^_^

  43. hughe jackman says:

    thank you amigo…

  44. Edrick Rupert says:

    hi, just want to say thanks.

  45. theROCK says:

    My friends can surely get no win against me now. EVilaugh!XD

  46. Jkae says:

    I going to be the best ever in drgon city because of this hack…hahaha

  47. Hughe says:

    I updated my net framework first before I was able to make this thing work. anyway many thanks.

  48. DiedRIP says:

    This is freaking amazing. Hope people won’t abuse this one. So it won’t get patched anytime soon.

  49. Prideful Bastard says:

    Dragon City Hack by gamescrack.org FTW!!!!!!!!!

  50. Kelly says:

    If i have to say something, then its non other than THANKYOU!

  51. Jampack says:

    My friends told me that using this hack is illegal, well, guess what, I don’t care..hahahahaha

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  53. Iphonehacker says:

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    All i have to do is follow the instructions and right now I am enjoying the game with this Dragon City hack.

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    Mac user here, its working great so far.

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    thanks wOrkinG 😀 now i can play without waiting

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    Happy much! Thanks

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    Thanks a lot from Philippines! ^^

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    This hack is f*cking awesome! sorry for the cursing but I can’t help it. Thank you for creating this one.

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    just what i needed! thanks very many to the site.

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    Confirmed working on windows xp, i just have to update my net framework..

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    Good things comes for those who search… I am one of those lucky guy I guess..hehe

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    The best hack I have downloaded and used for this game. Kudos! keep improving it please.

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    I waited 30 minutes to make this thing work since it says its updating, other than that, its perfect!

  91. JackBean says:

    This is hella one amazing tool you got here. I love this.

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    OMG! Is this true? or am I just dreaming? Well they find out that I am using a hack?

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    cool Hack! Keep makin’ my man.

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    Made my day trolling my friends on this game.haha

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    Very easy to use. This is what I am looking for a long time already.

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    I can do any thing with this hack. much love to the maker.

  97. Ernie says:

    Hello mate, I happened to stumble upon your site. I downloaded and use your stuff, Am I safe with this one?

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    That moment when you find yourself a working hack and you feel guilty..lol

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    Playing this game seems boring without this hack..Right?haha

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    Everything worlks like a charm. wish I had this way back.

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    Definitely brings me a smile.. I will have to keep this it a scret, so no one aside from you guys know. LOL

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    Este juego es muy divertido de jugar. Pero es más divertido con este hack.

  103. Waldo says:

    I saw this hack on other site, but they were selling it.

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    This is OP! I find no challenge using this hack.. kinda boring should i say.

  105. rackit says:

    Can i run this hack on multiple accounts at the same time?

  106. Lara says:

    @Waldo: Me too, saw it and i was tempted of buying at first glance but then again i want something free.

  107. BAzooK$ says:

    Good times with this Dragon City Hack tool… til it last.

  108. ElySIUM says:

    Guys please to spread this Dragon City Hack among your friends, or else they will just abuse it and the developer will notice about it and it will get patched. We don’t want it to happen right?

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