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Far Cry 3 Crack Why not download it here no need for spending its crack so its free. One of the most awaited game of all time is the Far Cry 3, Many gamers are waiting for this for several month they have even spared some money intended for the game. Several games has just been release like Need for Speed which i notice that there are thousand of players downloading it and I even visit a site which has 14k people downloading it. and I know as far as Far Cry 3 even I go to some authority site i notice lots of user review also that they really want the game they even waiting for and now they are very excited buy the game


My friend really so excited to play the this because that way he saw in the preview
its looks more cooler and more fun of the FPS Games that are available today, this really a different game which usually entails with Call of Duty war machine.
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  1. youKid says:

    you rock, thanks

  2. Hogan says:

    thank you . am very happy right now ..

  3. Cleo Stimson says:

    this is soooo amazing, am really excited to play this game and i am able to play now.. thanks a lot

  4. Haile says:

    WORKING WORKING!!!! Its really Unbelievable…Thanks

  5. Jessi Gipson says:

    Confirmed working! Thanks!!

  6. V. Mendez: says:

    am not really fun of playing free stuff but I don’t have enough budget because so many project at school but i do really like to play this game, I can’t resist it.. am just grateful for gamescrack site for making this possible for me to play the game for free. thanks

  7. mozfer says:

    I hope it work thank you any way

    • Games Crack Admin says:

      it does work, you can watch the video on the post, we provide things here that work , because we crack it then we do some testing until no more crashing down..

  8. mozfer says:

    ok be cool admin
    it just a normal question because it is the first time to be here
    in the end thanks for your efforts

  9. Jone says:

    Worked for me 100% thx alot Thumps up for that guys, I install it 3x until i finally able to play it.. thanks

  10. Reynaldo says:

    is there no problem about autosaving?

  11. LOverboy says:

    This is what i was looking for since the game was released. Thanks

  12. dantario21 says:

    sorry, when i finally paste the crack into the file, a click on the run aplication, the game stars, but suddently the screen stars to twinkle into black and myt real wallpaper.i just nottice something about16 bits games etc…any solution please?

  13. BunieK says:

    I have a question. Far Cry 3 running on Windows XP?

  14. rico nucinio says:

    Thanks for the tutorial and the crack. I badly need this.

  15. pipi says:

    are cracks the free versions of games??

  16. jimmy13 says:

    The definition of insanity…lol… nice line from jason brody…hahaha.. thanks!

  17. JimBoLiaJimBo says:

    i also dont have the daemon tools lightning bolt next to my clock. how do i get the icon next to my clock? i do have daemon tools

  18. Zoren Magnus says:

    I hate compaines overpricing their games, so my revenge for them is playing cracked games like this. NO more spending my money on them.

  19. Ehpraim says:

    Started playing around 2 hours ago. And I definitely am impress with the crack since I have no trouble with it. My only convern is the fact that I am having trouble completing my missions. LOL

  20. Draco Milicic says:

    What a game. Can’t get enough of this. Fun and challenging!

    • Trus Baker says:

      Amazing! If only i have the money to buy this game. But having installed this crack, its still the same fun and excitement, if you know what i mean.

  21. Bruce Wayne says:

    Hallo, ich danke Ihnen.

  22. Park Yam says:

    Game is working. I should say the tutorial video really helped me.

  23. Chillage says:

    Best thing I have had after my old pc broke down.

  24. Ludacris says:

    Most of the games right now esp. the FPS ones are not fun anymore. I like the sense of humor FC3 bring to the table.

  25. @Edson says:

    Ce jeu est hilarant.XD

  26. Machete* says:

    Este juego es lo que he buscando desde hace un tiempo!

  27. EltonQ says:

    The tutorial is simply I needed…^_______^

  28. iVAn says:

    Hello, just droppin by to say thank you for the crack and the tutorial!

  29. JackSparrow says:

    its better late than never. FC3 still rocks for me. MUch better than black ops 2!

  30. Sandroz says:

    Thanks for the updated version…

  31. Thudson8 says:

    I am kind of guilty playing this game on a crack. far Cry 3 should be rightfully bought.

  32. DJ_mic says:

    I love the beat in the video, what is it?

  33. #Fred says:

    Whwat I learn from this game, is the fact that INSANITY is doing the same thing, expecting different results each time.

  34. UBi_gamer says:

    Epic GAME! Can’t wait for the sequel, hope Gamescrack can also give us the crack on this.

  35. Sheldo╢ says:

    Giving this a 10/10 for a working crack plus the tutorial!

  36. Mikcy says:

    Never heard of this game, but I will try this one.

  37. Jeff J. Yocum says:

    help me install this crack please

  38. Thom says:

    Im getting error at first, but It was just me being noob at installing the crack.haha

  39. Arnold Dodd says:

    I am happy that your site uploaded this crack, I really this game series but its only now that I have the time to install it. Thank you again.

  40. Theodore says:

    ONLY crack that was not giving me a headache… thanks it is working smoothly!

  41. Matelda says:

    Waiting for Far Cry 4…

  42. BaDJinkx says:


    #cheers #epicgame

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