Pokemon X and Y Rom


Good news! Finally, you can now download a fully working Pokemon X and Y Rom in English for your 3DS. Get your copy, and start catching them all. The long wait is over, you can now enjoy the beauty of the much anticipated game from Nintendo. This is one of the best, if not the best, Pokemon game ever made. I am saying this because I have personally tested and played the game for several days now using the Pokemon X and Y Rom.  And to be honest the game has surpassed my expectations being a fan of the franchise myself.


I have been a Pokemon game fan since it started back when all we have was Nintendo Gameboy. After so many years, the franchise is still going strong with a lot of things to look forward to with each new title release. I am thankful enough that right now, these games are much more accessible because of the availability game roms. One good example is  none other than this Pokemon X and Y Rom that is compatible with Nintendo 3DS. The good thing about Pokemon X and Y Rom is that there is no need for you to spend a dime for it.

Main Features:

1. All New Three Starter Pokemons

2. New Characters and New Maps to Explore

3. New Legendary Pokemons and New Pokemon Type (Fairy)

4. New Species of Pokemon to Catch

5. Fully Polygonal 3D Graphical Gameplay

 Experience the fun that only the latest Pokemon X and Y Rom can bring to your Nintendo 3DS.


73 Responsesto “Pokemon X and Y Rom”

  1. Bellu says:

    Thank you… This is so amazing.

  2. donald says:

    As a Pokemon fan ever since, I love to play this new versions. Both of it.

  3. Abrille says:

    Merci beaucoup! <3

  4. Ellerbie says:

    Amazing game!!!!! The best ever pokemon game I have ever played.

  5. Radrey Tomsy says:

    I find this game weird.. I don’t think megaevolution is a good idea. Anyway, im still playing it.

  6. _Dizon_ says:

    Wow, megaevolve MEWTWO kick ass… Playing X right now..haha

  7. willow says:

    Merci gamescrack!

  8. Gina Brabend says:

    downloaded and Im good to, gotta catch em all…. #YOLO

  9. Jad Thompson says:

    Lovely share from you gamescrack admin. I love pokemon games

  10. chris tunt says:

    finished downloading X now im going to get Y…;)

  11. Christeoff says:

    Très beau jeu!

  12. Aldrin says:

    Muchas gracias <3

  13. Radison Wane says:

    Please help me decide, X or Y?

  14. hudson says:

    I was praying for my mom to buy me pokemon game but she did not.. T_T

  15. Tod(: says:

    Thanks, i can play now XD

  16. Kane says:


  17. xtian says:

    great share admin!

  18. Hirbert says:

    NO homo, but I really love your site mate…esp. this pokemon roms….

  19. SexyPHil says:

    Still confused which to dowload, X or Y???hmmm.. think think think

  20. robi says:

    Which starter is best for the first few maps to explore?

  21. rhyss P. says:

    mY BROTHER IS happy playing this game! Nothing much to say but just thanks alot!

  22. Ranger Lizotte says:

    Pokemon Yellow anytime of the day! but since pokemon X and Y are the most current version, Imma try it.

  23. jB says:

    what have you done here has made a lot of gamers happy :)

  24. JUDeeee says:

    Amzing game except for the starter pokemons which I dont like

  25. ash2013 says:

    fun and epic game

  26. roach says:

    Damn it, my internet got cut after i almost finished the download wtf

  27. M. Ingram says:

    Pokemon is overrated!

  28. Chancey says:

    ONLY downloaded X for a test, now after 1 hour, decided to play Y also.

  29. Devonne says:

    I can’t decide which game to play first, pokemon or gta…

  30. Paulos says:

    Ne peut pas attendre pour jouer Pokémon X et Y!!

  31. yT says:

    LOVing this 3DS emulator, might as well play pokemon on it

  32. Georges Jodion says:

    Hi, Thank You, Amazing Game !
    Anyone know, when a Rom FR available ? XD

  33. Jefferson- says:

    Writing this to thank you mate,

  34. 56cALIBER says:


  35. Dragonite says:

    Man, took me 1 hour to download POkemon X because of my slow internet but the wait is well worth it.

  36. Rufino says:


  37. Brock says:

    thanks for the tutorial i got the game and it works thanks!

  38. Charmeleon says:

    omg thanks so much a legit pokemon x rom thank you!!! 😀 <3

  39. GAMEFreaker says:


  40. jade says:

    Juego muy divertido. Gracias por compartir.

  41. Au_Diggins says:

    Droppping by to say GRAcias!

  42. Yves says:

    Man, you a blessing to me, I would not be able to play POKEMON X and Y!!!

  43. Rowan says:

    MOre game rom please, I would love to see Zelda for 3dS

  44. DAvey says:

    Which Pokemon is the best for starter?

  45. Louie says:

    Ça marche! MERCI

  46. Weirdo Pipiot says:

    Waiting for the download to finish, I hope this works will with the latest 3DS emulator i got

  47. TAkk says:

    Salut, j’aurais voulus savoir, la rom est en française ?

  48. Munich Wilsh says:

    thx !!!

  49. Patt says:

    Pokemon Y is better than Pokemon X… just saying

  50. Sisi says:

    Migliori Pokémon iniziale?

  51. Phadie says:


  52. Playah says:

    LOl, done downloading Pokemon X… its pokemon y’s turn

  53. Keroz says:

    il fonctionne sur mon pc win 81

  54. ikian says:

    pokemon x is the game of the year for me…

  55. Alex says:

    file is working so I give this 5/5

  56. rrion says:

    This is got to be it..

  57. Pion says:

    MERCI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Paul_Marc says:

    I am happy for this share… Merci

  59. Zake's says:

    do you have for pc?

  60. Sunarcar says:

    This game is definitely worth a try. I love it every bit of it.

  61. Mic says:

    Pretty satisfied so far.

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