Walking Dead Social Game Hack

The Walking Dead Social Game is already out on Facebook. It is a story-based survival game based on AMC’s favorite zompocalypse TELEVISION show.

Game play occurs in the gaps in between the episodes. There are camp purposes that require you to search and scavenge, and then there are the TV missions. A great deal of the missions require you to keep everybody well equipped and well supplied.

But in spite of the fact that you have the ability to dish out some significant, gory damages to Walkers, The Walking Dead Social game is as much about strategy as it is about decimating zombies. Over the course of the game, you’ll develop abilities like sight, stamina, and fighting. That is where our Walking Dead Social Game Hack comes into play.

Walking Dead Social Game Hack is a revolutionary hack device based upon development algorithm that enables individuals to bypass practically any kind of game safety. This device acts to help Walking Dead Social Game members make it through and at the exact same construct their character to its fullest prospective feasible.

The Walking Dead Social Game Hack Features:

  • Generate Dead Dollars (Infinite)
  • Generate Skill Points
  • AutoUpdate Function
  • Safe & Tested with Proxy Enable Option
  • 100 % Virus Free
  • Compatible with all Browsers
  • Free to Download

Walking Dead Social Game Hack is very simple to utilize. No installment is required. The individual only needs to run the executable data in the archive after it has actually been extracted. A window will appear where the user has to set up which features of the hack he will allow. After doing that, all he requires to do is to begin the hack and await few seconds to complete. The individual may need to refresh the browser to see the hack work.

You can download Walking Dead Social Game Hack by clicking the download button below.



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  1. Carlito says:

    muchas gracias

  2. Alexis Machatch says:

    Nice hack, totally one its kind, and its free.. Walking dead has never been this easy for me.

  3. Trence says:

    I really love this game but I have to compete with those cheaters, Now is my chance to pay back…hahahha

  4. Morgan says:

    Cheaters are everywhere…sigh

  5. Johaness Rogers says:

    IT is not suprising my friends are envious of me when I am using this hack. But I can’t share it with them. I am selfish. Evil Laugh!

  6. Shawndy says:

    Magnificent hack for a fun game like Walking Dead

  7. WiLLow says:

    Just when i thought, this hack is not workign anymore, I guess I am wrong! You made some updates. thanks gamescrack

  8. Chibon_ _ says:

    Does this work on SAFARi? thanks

  9. ellie says:

    Im new to Walking Dead Social, I think this is a perfect way to start. Just saying

  10. XeloiseX says:

    tried 2 hacks but this one is different, has a lot of features and easy to use. got to give props to the maker of this one. thanks gamescrack

  11. Miguel says:

    Gracias ; )

  12. LILBry says:

    Downloaded… XD

  13. Volgen says:


  14. Tweind says:

    Kinda lame cheating..hahaha

  15. Nyorjer says:

    Can you make a plugin for android tablets for this hack?

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