Better Controls for Better Boom Beach Gaming

Boom Beach gaming is great a way to spend your spare time wherever you are, whenever it may be. It is undeniable one of the best strategy game of today. Thanks to the brilliance of Supercell and its developers, we are currently enjoying a free game with premium features. Graphics-wise the game is phenomenal. Gameplay-wise, it is nothing short of stunningly perfect. But there’s just one tiny flaw in playing this Boom Beach game that we all loved, it is non other than the on screen controls. I know we can all agree that mobile devices like tablets and smartphones does not have the luxury of having physical buttons for gaming. They take up half the screen, get in the way and are generally just not as good as physical controls thus lessening the overall gaming experience. That’s why today I’ll be showing you how to connect your Xbox 360 controller, Xbox one controller, and ps3 or Ps4 controller to your Android tablet to provide better gaming experience to your Boom Beach addiction.

Boom Beach Strategy

So here are the necessary things you need to gather and do. The first one is the controller. This can be wired or wireless but it’s a bit easier if you have a wired one. I have both a wired and wireless controller, so I can guide you both ways. Of course, you need to have an Android phone or tablet. Unfortunately this won’t work on iOS phones. You don’t need to be rooted. You also need A USB OTG Cable. This is the most important part of this setup. Don’t worry if you don’t know what it is. It’s extremely cheap but it will come in handy for loads of things as it lets you connect a mouse, keyboard, pendrive or any usb device to your phone.

>Boom Beach Strategy Guide

Once you’ve got all the stuff, you’re ready to get started for a better Boom Beach gameplay. First, plug the USB OTG cable into your Android phone, using the micro-usb side. The next step will be different depending on which controller you have. For a wired controller, all you have to do is plug the USB into the OTG cable. The lights on the controller should come on, letting you know everything works. You don’t need to install anything! Just get run Boom Beach, it’s that easy. This setup is not only great for Boom Beach but any other strategy games, driving games and platform style games because it lets you use the entire screen for the game, without those annoying on screen buttons blocking the view.

Boom Beach is the most expensive game today even if you ask some gamer. I know somebody who almost spent $2000 dollars to buy the diamonds to upgrade his defense. Don’t you think it’s a total reap off. Even me I play this game but I prohibit myself to purchase a diamonds, instead I use a Boom Beach Hack which can easily be found online. Why spending big money when you can hack diamonds for beach to progress further.

Boom Beach Strategy

Boom Beach Strategy

Get the best and the most effective Boom Beach Strategy there is and lead you troops towards victory. Learn the secrets from the expert and use it to your advantage. Eeach and everyone of us takes time to learn especially if you are playing for the first time. I was once a noob in this relatively new SuperCell game, Boom Beach. It was my first time to play such game genre way back November last year. It took me sometime to get the feel of the game but I feel in love with it eventually. I was envious by those who are top in the leaderboards. I thought that most of them are money spenders on the game that is why the experience is easy for them since there is no need  for them to grind.

To my surprise, as I was gaining considerable amount of top players online, most of the are just like me. They are not spending a single dime of money on the game,  but the big difference is that they have this secret tactic that gets them the most out of their time playing. Of course, they did not openly taught me what it is. That is why I had to do my research with the little shade of light from a few of them. After few weeks of persistence, I already have risen into a relatively an elite player. Thanks to my discovery and of course I have to add my own flavor into it. My success can also be your success story, if you apply the things that helped me become who I am today in this game. I am posting the full tutorial of the strategy I used in the download button below. But before you take action, you can take a glimpse of the features that you can expect from it.

Boom Beach Strategy Guide


  1. Resourcing Management. This is to ensure that you start in the right foot with the basic ones in the correct placement. This will enable exponential progress and advance quickly. This also includes how to earn fast diamonds, gold and other resources without spending real money.
  2. Attacking Guide. This will help you correctly attack and how to use the combination of units — when and how — to its fullest potential and how to counter against enemy combos.
  3. Defensive Tactics. This will help you find the most effective design and the upgrades needed to compliment it. Let us make your base the strongest it can be.
  4. General Knowledge. The very basic things you need to know from the game —  including not limited to such as game mechanics, key structures, functions, strategy and what to do for a start and what’s really important for quick progress!
  5. So much more…

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Hay Day Strategy

Hay Day Strategy

Become a Hay Day tycoon and expand your farm quickly without spending any real money and diamonds. Download and use the latest Hay Day Strategy. Moreover, you can also get more coins more quickly to help you  upgrade more faster  in the game. I know,  all of us don’t want to wait forever for the crops and other produce to grow. But at the same time we also do not want to spend real cash buying diamonds to speed things up. The thing is that I am perplexed by how other players seem to be doing so much better than I am.  How are these people leveling so fast and getting so much coins and diamonds yet claim they didn’t spend any real money? How did they expand their farm so fast even though we started around the same time?

These questions fueled me to search for answers and luckily I did get what I want. I spent months improving it, tweaking and creating my own and tossing out the ones that no longer work.  I now have a fully expanded farm and almost at max level and I’m at the top of the leaderboards. I became like a Hay Day rock star.  Everyone wanted to know my secret strategy. I know there are millions a player’s who are frustrated by the inability to get enough in game money as well as the slow growth rate on their farms.  I feel for them because they’re exactly where I used to be exasperated at my slow progress and ready to quit. I want to give back to the players  that’s why I created my guide so you’ll be able to learn all the secrets to totally master the game.

Hay Day Strategy Guide

Hay Day Strategy Features:

  1. Easy to follow instructions
  2. Earn quickly diamonds and coins  for your account
  3. Upgrade farm structures and grow plants fast – no more waiting needed
  4. Totally legal and won’t get your accounts banned
  5. Climb at the top of the leaderboards

I’ve kept that information compact for your benefit. All are first hand strategies and tactics you can use to grow your farm s fast as possible.   These are real strategies that are totally legal and will never get you banned. I understand that I was like you once and I know what it’s like to be constantly out of resources and unable to progress quickly enough to enjoy the game. That is why, get your copy of the latest Hay Day Strategy, and bring your game to the next level.


Clash of Clans Strategy

Clash of Clans Strategy

Get to enjoy the latest Clash of Clans Strategy guide. Use this to maximize your winning percentage and earn resources — gems, gold, elixir — faster than anyone else. I have been a COC player since last year and it is very frustrating to build your village to what seem to be the best within therein on that town hall level just to find out that the next morning, you have been attacked and you did not survived the onslaught by your opponent. Moreover, it is also very disappointing to realize that all your resources both gold and elixir are gone. But the ultimate feeling of annoyance in this game comes with the need to wait very long hours to for your upgrade to get completed. All of these scenarios will and can be fixed thanks to the game experts who have shared the often neglected tactics that yields nothing but effective results towards pure gaming satisfaction.


If you do not have any idea of what this guide is all about, let me put it this way — this is a guide that will help you dominate the game to the simplest yet the most effective way possible using your most valuable resource, that is your time. The above picture clearly illustrates some of its advantages but that is not all. You can check the full list of its features below.

By using this strategy guide you will:

  1. Effectively raid enemies for trophies and resources
  2. Intelligently position your structures for maximal defense against attacks
  3. Correctly prioritize building and unit upgrades
  4. Climb your way to the top of the league the shortest time possible
  5. Earn resources including unlimited gems the fastest way (third party application needed)

Apart from that mentioned above, you will also get strategy updates after every major SuperCell patch on Clash of Clans. This will ensure that you can maintain your ranking, raiding effectiveness, and defense integrity against enemy attacks. So what are you waiting for? Get the latest Clash of Clans Strategy Guide and enjoy playing the game like never before.


Transfomers Rise of the Dark Spark Crack

transformers rise of the dark spark crack

To all Transformers lovers out there, here is your chance to play the latest Transformers Rise of the Dark Spark crack game. It is a fully working crack that enables any user to totally enjoy all of the game’s features without any problem that many others are facing with the files that they are using. Transformers as well all know is a globally recognized branding both on movies and on games. Apart from that, what makes this game interesting from its predecessors is the much improved graphical presentation and the gameplay mechanics it has implemented for both single player and online multiplayer modes. I have played using the crack and all I can say is it is simply an awesome experience for a gamer like myself. I don’t usually like third-person shooter game compared to that of the first-person shooter ones, but this is an exception.

transformers rise of the dark spark crack pc

The game features state of the art technological advancement especially now that it is set for the latest generation of consoles PS4 and Xbox One. However, do not those things get in the way and intimidate you in anyway possible because if you are pc user, then you can simply follow the easy to follow instructions listed below and sooner than you think, you can enjoy the game.

Installation Guide:

  1. Download the game crack and the installer (if you haven’t)
  2. Mount the ISO file (use Daemon Tools, Power iSO etc.) and install the game
  3. Extract the crack archive into the desktop (Use Winrar)
  4. Copy the extracted contents to the game folder
  5. Run the game.exe as administrator
  6. Play and enjoy the game!

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GTA 5 Mods

GTA 5 Mods

Enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto 5 like never before with GTA 5 Mods. It is easy to use and works perfectly with Xbox 360 and PS3 without any problem. With this mod tool, your playing time will never be the same and I mean it in a better way. Do not get me wrong but I love how Rockstar made this latest GTA game, however, it is nothing but natural to feel bored at times. Modifying things can surely spark things up and this mod tool is the reason behind all these. If you don’t feel changing things up in your game files, then by all means please do not try this up. You are not in anyway being forced but if you feel the otherwise, then lets take this chance and enjoy GTA 5 gaming.

There are lots of mods that can be implemented in a game, however, if we tackle all of it in this article, I am afraid that 20 pages will not suffice. That is why I will only be giving out the essential aspects of the things that you need to know. Now first and foremost, the most basic mod tool that you can obtain here is what we call a character editor. This basically implies that you will have the option to edit things within your main characters namely Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Moreover, you can also tweak things up like money and stats.

GTA 5 Editor

Essential things that can be edited/modded:

  • Max Money
  • Max Capacity
  • Max Ammo All Weapons
  • Max Health
  • Max Armor
  • Max Ability
  • God mode
  • Infinite Ability

The other thing that can be modified within the game is the overall game graphics. This is a little tricky than using the first mod tool but once you get to familiar it, its going to be easy. Of course, clear cut and detailed instructions are included to avoid confusion. What makes this mod better is the fact that it works not only on single player story mode but also with the online multiplayer mode.

The above video shows the top 10 mods in GTA 5 during the time of upload, but you can get more than just 10 mods here. We have virtually infinite number of mods as it is updated almost everyday. You can try our mod tool now by downloading it in the link below.


Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Hack

plants vs zombies garden warfare hack

Bring your A+ game and win games with Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Hack. It is an easy to use cheats tool that works on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I have personally tried this already on my Windows 8 gaming rig and so far the hack tool is pretty much doing what it is expected to do, that is to bring advantages on my side. What used to be a loser has now become a winner. What used to be a poor performer has now become the leading scorer. What used to be weakest link has now become the best in the team. Thanks to this breakthrough hack tool that clearly demonstrates the popular tagline, “Cheaters always win!”

Playing third-person shooter games has been my pastime ever since I started playing games in console and PC. With my competitive nature, I found playing games like this maximizing my potential. However, I sometimes become too frustrated about myself during times that I can’t perform better than the competition. The competitive drive in me eats me and therefore during times like this, I find refuge playing with tools that brings in advantageous edge in my part. It may sound technically wrong but for someone that really loves winning, I really do not care.

garden warfare hack

As the above screenshot shows, it clearly illustrates the array of options that you can use with the latest hack tool that was released recently. You can use all those features however there are those that really stands out and my personal favorites are the ones listed below.

  1.  Aimbot – no more aiming needed, as long as the enemy is within visible range
  2. Wall Hack – bullets pierce thru walls even from pistols
  3. Fly Hack – jumps and flies thru obstacles
  4. Instant Kill – one bullet is all you need to kill even enemies with full armor
  5. Speed Hack – moves 3x than a normal player

Download Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Hack  now, and forget about losing any of your game.


Elder Scrolls Online Crack

elder scrolls online

Good news Elder Scrolls fans, today, you can now play the latest addition to the long standing gaming franchise by publisher Bethesda and developer ZeniMax — The Elder Scrolls Online. This time around it will do away with what gamers have been used to the game title, and will give us more of a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  Aside from that,  guys who are into the new generation console namely Xbox One and PS4 can also enjoy playing this game. The game will still showcase the features that we learned to love as players. Its setting will still be the same.  Of course, the overall gameplay will be improved with better mechanics and a much improved graphics that will surely please our eyes. The downside however is the fact that higher graphics in an online games needs a better internet connection speed to cope with the demands of sending and receiving information to and fro the server and co-players.

Overall the game is so far the best on its franchise and its genre among the hundreds of games being released this  year. What is quite frustrating to some of us is the fact that this game comes with a price when most of us expected us it to be a free to play game.  Apart from its average price of about 60 USD, gamers also have to pay a monthly fee which makes this game more of subscription type rather than just asking for one time payment. This is something that most of us gamers does not favor.

Elder Scrolls Online Key

I know most of you guys upon reading the above paragraphs are already losing hope because of the fact that you guys do not have the money to buy and enjoy playing this game. but I am telling you to do not put your heads down yet because you can still play the game like others but  minus the expenses. How? Well, as you can see in the above photo, that is the tool that can reverse the odds and make it play into your favor. Download and use the latest Elder Scrolls Online Crack with a fully working keygen included. With these tools on hand, you can pretty much have the full game installed in your PC or Mac and play it online with your friends.


  1. Download the crack files.
  2. Extract using Winrar or Winzip.
  3. Copy the contents to the game folder.
  4. Run the game and use keygen to generate a valid key.
  5. Play and enjoy!

PC Recommended System Requirements

  •    Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit or Windows 8 64-bit
  •     Processor: Quad Core 2.3GHz or equivalent processor
  •     Memory: 4GB System RAM
  •     Hard Disk Space: 60GB free HDD space
  •     Video Card: Direct X 11 compliant video card with 2GB of RAM (NVIDIA® GeForce® 560 Ti / ATI Radeon™ 6950 or better)
  •     Sound: DirectX compatible sound card

Mac Recommended System Requirements

  •     Operating System: Mac® OS X 10.7.0 or later
  •     Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo
  •     Video Card: Intel™ HD Graphics 4000, NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M or ATI™ Radeon™ HD 6490M or better
  •     Memory: 4GB Ram
  •     Storage: 60GB
  •     Media: DVD-ROM
  •     Resolution: 1024X768 minimum display resolution

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GTA 5 Money Hack


Play and accumulate virtually unlimited cash in the world of Grand Theft Auto V using GTA 5 Money Hack. It is 100% working on PlayStation and Xbox consoles. Dominating this game is very hard unless you know the secret and I am proud to announce to everyone reading this that the game has been cracked by non other than the hard working Team GamesCrack. As we all know before RockStar made the move to patch the game, a lot of us GTA 5 gamers were enjoying the glitch that enabled us to rake so much money. I am talking of not just millions but even billions of money. Unfortunately, you can’t do that anymore. I know it is very frustrating to most of you guys but there is no need to be sad because you can now enjoy the latest innovation from us and that is the very first GTA 5 Money Hack to date that can exploit even the latest patch from the game developers. It is a good news right? Well for some, it might be the opposite but for those who love cheating in game, it is something that is normal and very welcomed.

As you can see below in the picture, that is the latest GTA 5 Money Hack that I am talking about. Actually there is not much that I need to talk too about it because once you download and use it, you can easily discern on what to do. Everything is very easy to understand. This is made this way because the developers know that there are gamers who are not that techie when it comes to this kind of stuff and this will enable them to really use the full potential of the software without having so much trouble. This is much better that having to spend countless hours on the money glitch that we all know of before. This is much easier since all you have to do is to just click your way to millions or even billions of cash playing GTA 5 or GTA Online for that matter. For those who have been asking if this method is safe, the anser is YES. It is 100 percent safe since an exploit to the system that Rockstar and its developer does not know.


Instructions on How to use the Hack:

1.Download the hack if you have not done it yet

2.Make use you have winrar and unrar the file you have downloaded

3.Browse the extracted files and locate for the executable hack file

4.Make sure your username is currently online (playing) in order for this hack to work

5.Put your username and the amount of cash you want to be added in your account

6.Click “OK” and then press “Apply” and wait for two to three minutes

7.Play and enjoy GTA V Online game with millions and millions of cash on it!

Get the latest version of GTA 5 Money Hack and enjoy millions of cash added to your account without breaking a sweat. Try it now and you will see.


Professional Farmer 2014 Crack

Professional Farmer 2014 Crack

Enjoy simulation game at its best with Professional Farmer 2014 Crack. It is easy to download and easier to install. It is a crack unlike any other because for the first time, it supports the latest updates of the game thereby letting players play online alongside with other steam or crack game users. It is the first ever game crack that has this feature and our team is proudly presenting it for everyone to use and enjoy. To ensure that the game really works without the hassle of having so many problems and issues like other crack releases, the team tested it out with the help of some private beta testers. So far the results are very much pleasing and therefore this Professional Farmer 2014 Crack has been officially cleared for public use and installation all over the world and on several platforms like PC and Mac.

If you are a gamer, and you love playing simulation games then I am personally recommending this game for you. Professional Farmer 2014 is the best out there and you cannot go wrong with it. This is so far the most realistic simulation game about farming that I have played in years. Farming Simulator 2013 has been a huge success among gamers especially to those from European countries and I am predicting this Professional Farmer 2014 will enjoy the same success knowing and experiencing the game itself. However since the latter is a much newer game, it offers a lot of features that are not present with the previous ones. Having such game is surely a must and we from our team of professional crackers can guarantee that you will enjoy every moment of it.

Professional Farmer 2014 Crack

As for the game itself there are certain things you need to consider before downloading the crack. It is very important that your computer system meets the required of the game to make sure that the game will run smoothly as the game developers intended it to be. Please read the information below for more information:

Minimum System Requirements:

1.CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo / AMD Athlon X2


3.VGA: Nvidia GeForce 6800GT / AMD Radeon HD 3650

4.DX: 9.0c

5.OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

6.HDD: 4 GB available space

Recommended System Requirements:

1.CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom X4


3.VGA: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 / AMD Radeon HD 6970

4.DX: 9.0c

5.OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

6.HDD: 4 GB available space

If your computer system meets the above requirements, then you are good to go. Just follow the instruction that is included in the crack files. It is so easy to follow and therefore makes your installation simple and trouble-free. You are guaranteed that the crack files will work as promised and virus free. You can download the latest Professional Farmer 2014 Crack in the link provided below.